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Сетап: SONY NW-WM1Z -> Vermilion (4.4,2.5) -> 64 Audio Tia Fourte
Великолепный кабель! Качественный, легкий. Завернут в двойную оплетку, никогда не разойдётся на 2 кабеля.
Играет заметно лучше стока от Tia ( не без помощи 4.4) ).
Рекомендую ✌️

Great sounding cable

First time purchasing a customized cable for my earphones. Really appreciate how Stephen answered my queries, and the cable really did make a difference in the sound. The build is also great, and it feels comfortable on my ears.

So glad that I made the right purchase. With the lightning cable plug, I can ditch away the lousy connector that came with my iPhone. Just hoping that Apple doesn't change the lightning port to something else again 😅

A Vermillion Miracle!

I have been an audiophile for some years now. After years of upgrades I finally settled with a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution. The soulful voice of current breed of SF speakers has an uncanny ability in transporting me right to the middle row of a performing concert.

I have started headphones recently with Audeze LCD-3 and a modified Fostex TH900 with Wywires Platinum Series. Just recently I purchased my first universal IEM and I picked UM Miracle purely for work travels. My past experience has proved cables makes a great deal of difference in the chain of audio fidelity. So without any hesitation I started searching for a complementary cable.

The search got me to Beat Audio. There wasn't much I can find about Beat Audio particularly on Vermillion in the internet. Neither did I have any chance auditioning one but I took a bet. I was searching a cable to add a little warmth, body and soul into Miracle yet retaining a wide soundstage.

I collected the Vermillion cable this morning and the packaging was a little disappointing but did the job. Once the plastic wraps are out of the way the box unique design and cables looks amazing. I installed it onto the Miracle and boy I was floored. The mid bass is fuller, mids sounds so much better, the imaging and separation is a notch up, a tad wider soundstage with much better micro dynamics, the highs are much more refined with no fatigue and the overall balance and tones is almost tube like sensation. It plays well across all genre of music and quite honestly i didn't expect this cable will match so well - it's exactly what I wanted, a miracle indeed.

I wholeheartedly recommend this upgrade...I have no graph or measurements but I have been around long enough to trust only my ears. Go have a listen if you ever have a chance to - it's worth a try.

Thanks and enjoy your tunes~




Primadonna以外はCrystal Cable NextとSamuraiを使ってますので評価はこれらに対してと受け取って頂ければ幸いです。
特にK10Uは他のケーブルで聞くと基本的に正確に聞こえてた音がもっと正確に聞こえて来るけど「何か足りないな」と思うんですがPrimadonnaの方は元々感じ得なかった音場と響きによって「ああ, これいいな」という気持ちになります。

Silver Sonic MKV - Great Product

I bought the Silver Sonic MKV cable to go with my Sennheiser IE80’s and Sony ZX2. I ordered this cable with a right-angle TRRS plug.

The Silver Sonic MKV cable is simply awesome. The quality of workmanship exceeded my expectations and the materials are of high quality.

I just couldn't be happier with the performance, fit and finish. Recommended.




A must have cable for high end in ear monitor.
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Firstly, this is my first time to order the cable from Beat Audio.

The build quality of the cable is perfect. It’s much better than other cable makers in the market.

This cable sound is very warm. It is very good for listening for female singer. It increases the singer emotion.

This cable can improve the sound stage. It increases the spacious feeling.

It does extend high and low tone.

It gives more details to me.

Overall I am very satisfied with this cable, and I am going to order a Prima Donna.

AK120II + Fitear MH335DW + Beat Audio Vermilion
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My Digital Audio Devices:
My Digital Audio Player is AK120II.
The cable is Vermilion (balanced 2.5mm).
My earphone is Fitear MH335DW (normal).

Firstly,noise is an important matter for a portable digital audio player when you are walking.
I used the original cable at first. I didn't like it because the noise annoys me when I were walking. But there has been no noise since I started to use Vermilion as my cable.

The sound quality is good. So, I can hear the sound clearly.
Tone color is very nice when I listen to any kind of music. I am not tired if I listen to music for a long time.
To sum up, I think vermilion is a cable worth buying.

I'm Japanese. So, I'm sorry for my poor English.

A great buy if you like sound of copper cables, and it's ultra durable.
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I have been using Thor with my Merlin for 8 months now, and never regretted. My portable setup is IPC+CLAS+ALO MK2, which has a pretty dry, sharp and not-so-warm sound signature, but I am more into thick/warm tone. So, I replaced the stock cable with this copper Thor. It made a huge difference.

The first thing I noticed is that vocals are pulled forward towards me. This is definitely what I wanted since vocals are a bit too far in my original setup, making me feel like I want to catch something but couldn't. Now, my portable rig has a much better staging and balance between vocal and bass (have to say Merlin still has the best bass among all IEMs I've auditioned).

The Thor cable doesn't make Merlin sound smoother as silver cables usually do (of course because it's not silver), but it does increase the thickness as I expected. Originally, in some songs, the treble was so sharp that it almost ruined the whole listening experience, but I can live with them now with the added thickness from Thor.

The build quality is AMAZING. I ordered with customized sleeves (black) and buttons (silver), and they look great with the rest of my setup. It has been 8 months of regular use, 2 hours daily, and I have not noticed any damage to the finish.

To sum up, I am very happy about this cable, and if you like sound of a typical copper cable or want to make some changes to your current setup like I did, you won't go wrong with Thor. It's not really a cheap cable but definitely worth every penny.

Awesome Cable, excellent after sales
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This is an awesome cable, which honors its name, and really paired good with my Unique Melody Mentor CIEM and HiFiMan HM901.
Sadly, after a year of carrying around my HM901 in my pocket, the Supernova cable with a straight TRRS jack took some serious beating and finally ended up with a cable breakage. This automatically also resulted in the end of me enjoying my UM Mentors.

Since I’m not much of a technician in the field of soldering, I contacted Stephen and explained him my problem. He advised me to me to send the cable back to Beat Audio, and so I did. Within two weeks I received my only one inch shorter, but looks brand new Supernova cable free of charge returned to me, but this time with a right angle TRRS plug of which I’m sure it's will much more suitable being carried around in a pocket and will let me enjoy my UM Mentor's for many years to come.

I can only say Beat Audio did an excellent job for which I'm very thankful. I'm also very thankful for Stephen's excellent after sales service. I would recommend Unique Melody and Beat Audio to everybody who seriously wants to enjoy music.

Excellent all around
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I bought this cable with a 3.5 balanced termination to run with my Pono player and 1964 Ears V6 Stage. The build quality is outstanding and the sound quality is excellent. Customer service is first rate!!

Best build quality on the market with astonishing sound
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With many different companies out there making their version of IEM cables it’s tough to know which to go with. I’m using the Unique Melody Merlin’s and I have tried out several well-known cables and have yet to find one that even compares to what you will get with your Beat Audio cable.

Sound is different from person to person in what they like but I will say that the most important aspects that someone is looking for its clarity and crispness. The Signal is very well balanced compared to many other cables I’ve ran across or tested. I guarantee if you’re in the market for a good sounding cable the Signal won’t disappoint you. The soft feel of the cable (sleeveless version) helps minimize cable noise when moving around. I run and workout with mine and have no issue.

Although this won’t have any effect on how the cable functions, I find this to be a major factor for me when deciding what cable to get. As I have mentioned I have used other well-known companies and the way their cables are built look very cheap and homemade. Beat Audio makes a very stylish looking cable no matter what color that will make your IEMs stand out giving them a very elegant look. The connectors used make the cable look very nice and clean. The metal caps give it just that extra edge that I’m always looking for in a product.

Build Quality:
There’s only so much I can say without you just trying these cables out for yourself, but this is by far the best built cable I’ve seen available to this day. If you are to run into any trouble Stephen has given me some of the best customer servers I have ever run across. I’ve worked with him for the past few years now and at this point I won’t be trying out other cables from anyone else. I had order one (Very popular company which I won’t name) for my UM Merlin’s and they sent me a cable where the sockets wouldn’t seat deep enough in my IEM sockets. After sending it back for them to fix they had taken a knife to the socket plug stripping away some of the plastic so it would wedge down into the IEM. Not only did it look hideous but it was damaging my IEM sockets. This was their fix to keep my IEMs from falling off the cable. Not sure how others use their IEMs but I do pull them out and hang them from my ears when I’m talking cause as you know you won’t hear anyone with them in. I need the socket to hold the IEM so it won’t fall and break. Beats Audio cable has always plugged right in and stayed in nice and snug. Maybe not a big deal to many but it just shows a bit more of the quality and care some people put into a cable that cost you a few bills.

Thanks again Stephen for all the great service!

Excellent high-end cable, with great looks
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* The following review is for the version of the Signal cable that has an outer sleeve on top of the main cable braid, same as the Japanese release version. Cable ergonomics (especially regarding softness and flexibility) will be different compared to the official non-sleeved version of Signal. I chose the sleeved version of Signal due to ease of cleaning, and partly for added durability.

I will not go into detail regarding the "sound" of the cable nor the effect (if any) of the cable material (silver plus rare metal alloy). The cable sounds quite clear, and is free of any strange colorations in the sound. It compares well with other high-end cables from other manufacturers. The sleeved version of Signal suffers from only minor touch noise.

Unlike previous Beat Audio cables, the Signal can be configured to come in a variety of colors, including orange, green, purple. It is also available in black, for those who want a less flashy-looking cable. Also, it can be further configured with and without the outer sleeve to prioritize either looks/ergonomics or durability. I have the black version of the Signal and it is a sweet looking cable, perfectly matching the smoke-gray shells of my CIEMS. The cable is not completely in one color however, the IEM connector barrels and Y-splitter portion are slightly different shades of gunmetal, and provide a nice color accent. Considering all aspects of the cable, the Signal is currently the best-looking of my third-party cables.

The Signal does quite well here, having a manageable thickness and with excellent flexibility (for the non-sleeved version). The part of the cable below the Y-splitter is quad-braided like the Vermillion, allowing greater flexibility compared to earlier Beat Audio models. The Signal is also much thinner than the Supernova, which was a bit stiff and hard to handle. The sleeved version of Signal is a bit stiffer, and while this helps prevent tangling, it also gives the cable a sometimes unwanted tendency to straighten itself when even just slightly curled. The non-sleeved version of Signal does not have this issue. The pre-bent "memory-wire" area of the cable near the IEM connectors is the same as other Beat Audio models, and may take a week or two to conform to a comfortable shape. The plug connector is nice and compact, and supports use of cases with portable DAPs.

Build Quality:
Excellent all-around, with good strain reliefs. However, the quality of the heat-shrink slider was a bit of a disappointment, using the same material as the Y-splitter would have improved both slider looks and durability.

Excellent service, best build in the market.
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I have tried most cable companies and will not name them all. I feel once you use good material, cables do not make much of a difference sound wise. So what is important is build quality, aesthetics, and ergonomics. And in these respects, Best Audio cables are the best bar none. No one comes close, and all other cables appear to be DIY-like in comparison. The signal cable seems completely transparent sound wise, is solid and flexible and has absolutely gorgeous finish. I will be getting most or all my cables here from now on.

PS: I have the version with a sheath in black.

First review of 'Signal'? Top notch!
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This cable is absolutely worth its price! The plug is of the size that seats nicely into my iphone case. The cable, while being the softest and lightest of all that I've tried, is definitely nothing wimpy. The sockets feel substantial, true quality of pure handmade cable!

Prima Donna JH Siren Series Review
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現在、2.5mm Balancedプラグに交換していますが、品質のさらなる改善を望みたいです。

Great Work!!このケーブルは凄いです。
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【Earphone】Heir Audio iem 8.0
【Portable Music Player】Fiio x5
【Portable Amp】Fiio E11K Opeamp Modified
【Music to listen to】Pop, Rock, Jazz and so on

私が所持しているearphone、portable music playerとampはどれもそこそこ良いものを使用してたつもりでしたがまだ奥にこんな音が隠れていたのか!?と驚くばかりです。

次特に驚かされるのはケーブルの太さとしなやかさです。このケーブルそこそこ太いんですが、私が持っているheir audioについてくるケースになんとすっぽり入ってしまうんです。なので通勤の時はケースから出し入れして使ってます。また、iem 8.0にデフォルトでついてくるケーブルよりも取り回しが良いのでケーブルをケースから出した時に絡まりにくく直ぐに装着できます。



女性ボーカルの高音域の伸びが凄いです。もともと上記記載のearphoneは高音域をならすのがうまいのですがさらい高音が煌びやかになり綺麗になった感じです。Mariah Careyをきくと高音の伸びよくなりキラキラした感じになりました。


Thank you for your great customer service.

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私は日頃UMのMentorを使っていて、今回このMentor用にPrima Donnaを購入した。



今回Prima Donnaを試聴することが出来、その性能が素晴らしかったので購入を決めた

MentorにPrima Donnaを付けてプレイヤーを起動させる。最初の音を聞くなり「なんじゃこりゃ!?」と笑ってしまった。音が違いすぎる。オリジナルのケーブルとは次元の異なる音だった。あまりに次元が違いすぎてもう笑うしか無かったのである。(注:ケーブル本体の違い+バランス出力の違いもあり)








その意味でリケーブルに対する意識を変えたのがこのPrima Donnaである。


より良い音を求めて新しいCIEMを追い求める、いわゆる「CIEMスパイラル」に終止符を打てるのがこのPrima Donnaだと思っている。

Beat Audio Prima Donna! Well done!
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The Prima Donna cable is a dream to use from an ergonomic standpoint and has great build quality to match.

Sonically, it typically pulls the presentation a bit forward, adds brightness, and increases instrument separation for a cleaner, clearer, and more precise sound.

In addition, deep bass becomes more prominent and the entire bass spectrum gets tightened up while the treble is smoothed, yet with more detail.

Performance depends on the pairing, but beat audio Prima Donna has done an excellent job and pairs well with many CIEMs.

Prima Donna IEM Upgrade Cable
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 私は、Prima Donnaを購入してとても満足しているし、どのケーブルを合わせるか悩んだときには必ずPrima Donnaを選ぶだろう。
 現在持っていない仕様を新たに購入する場合や、OsloⅡとPrima Donnaのどちらがいいかを悩んでいるのであれば、$200の追加は惜しいとは思わない。

Beat Audio Top of the Line Prima Donna Impressions
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Here's a Head-Fi link to the review:

(you can view it by simply copy and paste it to your browser)

Squeezing out the last drop of sound quality
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I never thought cables upgrades were necessary, until my stock UM cable was broken, was trying to order a replacement and the sales person suggested me to get a pair of Beat Audio Sapphire at a bargain price. I went for it and was surprised that it actually improved the sound quality, this has changed my view on cable upgrade. I later lost my CIEM together with the Sapphire cable, this time I decided to go for the Cronus for my new UM Mage.

Stephen has been a great sales person, any question thrown at him got responded quickly. The cable is delivered fast under perfect condition. It's packaged with an aluminum case, it feels premium.

Build and design:
I love Cronus' simple and classy, low profile look. The first impression of the cable is its high quality elements, Beat Audio designs their cables with durability in thoughts. The plastic covers on the pin and Y-split feel solid and look great, you can even pick the color for your liking. The cable is wrapped with heat-shrink up to the Y-split, it feels sturdy. One drawback is this makes the cable stiffer overall than the stock cable, it annoys me sometimes during my daily activities with CIEM on.

Sound Quality:
The moment I swapped out the stock cable with Cronus, I immediately noticed its louder. On my iBasso DX50, it sound like 5 steps higher volume, that's around 3-4 dB give or take. The overall clarity and speed has been improved, which also affect the separation, and details are easier to be heard. The improvements aren't night and day, but it‘s noticeable, especially in the upper mids and highs region. All these are done without adding colours to the sound.

Value and verdict:
To be honest, I bought Cronus for its look. It goes really well with my black carbon fiber faceplate CIEM. The sound improvement is as I expected, you probably won't need it to enjoy your music but it definitely brings out the full potential of your favourite CIEM. I am happy with it, Cronus is on my everyday CIEM until I lose them again. Touch wood. =)

A Review in Spanish
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Reconozco que hace tiempo, al principio de mi etapa como audiófilo, lo de cables "premium" me parecía un tema muy cuestionable. Con el tiempo he de reconocer que las diferencias pueden llegar a ser realmente importantes. Has la fecha el tema cables para auriculares no se me pasaba por la cabeza ya que hasta hace poco no existían prácticamente auriculares con la posibilidad de cambiar los cables. Ademas por dimensiones y distancias suponía que las diferencias serian menores y mínimas. Pues bien, me equivoque. Otra vez...

Teniendo una pareja de unos de mis auriculares favoritos, los SONY MDR-7550, decidí hacer una prueba y mejorar el cable a ver el resultado. Por desgracia muy pocos fabricantes de cables "premium" para auriculares tienes los conectores de SONY para efectuar ese cable. Los únicos que he podido encontrar son de la casa BEAT AUDIO. Después de una solicitud por mail directa ya que por defecto esta opción no esta disponible, en relativamente poco tiempo ya los tenia en casa. No mas de 7 días.

Mi primera impresion fue la buena calidad del trabajo realizado. Impecable. la segunda es la considerable diferencia que aportan en comparación con los cables de serie. Aunque es muy pronto para hacer una evaluación sobre lo que aportan en materia tonal estos cables lo que si me ha dejado sorprendido es como estos BEAT AUDIO "Bugle" abren la imagen sonora. Sorprendente. Reconozco que no me esperaba esto.

En todo caso, quizás un cable tan importante sea un exceso. Lo importante de esta reflexion es que cualquier "upgrade" de un cabler estándar es probablemente una mejora importante sobre lo que viene con los auriculares. Y visto estas pruebas iniciales parece que el cambio o mejora es bastante más pronunciado que en equipos de música tradicionales.

Here's the original link: http://cronoforvm.com/forum/estilo-de-vida/general/33734-beat-audio-bugle

Prima Donna with JH Roxanne, and JH Layla

I own 3 cables for my Roxanne and Layla; Prima Donna, DHC cable, Effect Thor cable. So far, I think Prima Donna pairs really well with Roxanne. The soundstage is wider than all the cables, details are all there and very crisp. The high is clear, mid is well pronounced, and bass is tight. You can feel the air in the music. The cable build is just ok in my opinion. It is well built and strong but somehow I feel like they are too hard to adjust them after they get curly. Anyway, you can expect a lot of sound quality improvement from the cable. Lastly, Stephen provided a perfect customer service. He is very responsive to email and willing to help if you have any issue.