Supernova - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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Many have been curious about how our Supernova sounds like, and all I can say is that it sounds as astonishing as a Supernova. Of course, its look is equally spectacular. The shinny silver sleeves of the cable side the clear tubing allows it to look as bring as a Supernova for ages! Yes, it looks similar to our Silver Sonic MKV, but even better. Of course, with more threads, this thicker cable delivers unbelievable clarity. One noteworthy point on this upgrade cable is the implementation of its isolating material. To prevent inter-thread and outside signal interference, we are using a special type of material to spirally wrap around each thread for better protection. If you slice open your 1.2 meter cable and unwrap the isolating material from a thread, it can be a 5 meter stretch! If anyone is looking for a high end earphone upgrade cable with an elegant silver look, do not miss out on this gem! Needless to say, the cable has pre-bent segment around the ears for comfort and easy wear, and tank like build quality as always.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $249.00
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Awesome Cable, excellent after sales
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This is an awesome cable, which honors its name, and really paired good with my Unique Melody Mentor CIEM and HiFiMan HM901.
Sadly, after a year of carrying around my HM901 in my pocket, the Supernova cable with a straight TRRS jack took some serious beating and finally ended up with a cable breakage. This automatically also resulted in the end of me enjoying my UM Mentors.

Since I’m not much of a technician in the field of soldering, I contacted Stephen and explained him my problem. He advised me to me to send the cable back to Beat Audio, and so I did. Within two weeks I received my only one inch shorter, but looks brand new Supernova cable free of charge returned to me, but this time with a right angle TRRS plug of which I’m sure it's will much more suitable being carried around in a pocket and will let me enjoy my UM Mentor's for many years to come.

I can only say Beat Audio did an excellent job for which I'm very thankful. I'm also very thankful for Stephen's excellent after sales service. I would recommend Unique Melody and Beat Audio to everybody who seriously wants to enjoy music.

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