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Incredible Cable - Works Harmoniously with the Campfire Andromeda

Ordered the 8-wire version with MMCX and 4.4mm to go with my Campfire Andromeda and WM1A
First of all, let me just say that the look of this combination is stunningly beautiful.
Obviously the sonic quality is what matters the most at the end of the day,
the appearance simply cannot be ignored.
The Andromeda, as most people know, are most well-known for its treble spark and airiness.
The sound stage is also remarkable, yet one drawback is its flatness,
in a sense that the sound stage extends along the x and y-axis, but lacks depth.
This cable, man this cable, taught me what 3D sound stage truly means.
I have never experienced sounds so powerful yet retain the Andromeda quality so well.

Prior to changing to Emerald, bass/mid/treble all sounded clean and isolated.
Its like the smart classmate that gets straight A's,
but have no interests in things other than studying --- boring.
Once I fed Emerald to the Andromeda, the three ranges started to communicate.
They don't interrupt nor disturb,
only complement each others to bring out their internal musicality.
It is like listening to a live concert, surrounded (not overwhelmed) by instruments.
With breathing room among them, the listening experience becomes not tiring at all.
Piercing through that breathing room, the vocal is right there at the center for us to enjoy.
To sum up, this cable preserves the unique quality of the Andromeda,
namely its treble spark and wide sound stage,
and brings the sound stage into the next level by introducing the concept of depth,
as well as adding power and liveliness into the sound.
The result? One monster of an IEM that lets me enjoy my music as if I am at a live concert
while being able to explore tremendous detail.

On the website, its writes:
"The compression of high purity materials brought revolutionary acoustic effects,
and its clarity and power were not possible before."
I wholeheartedly second that statement,
and highly recommend this cable to my fellow audiophiles.

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