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Audeze LCD i4 with Billow
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By the pictures, you’ll see that the Billow + i4 combo is really pleasing to the eye (to me at least). It actually feels more appropriate than the stock cable color wise. And if gold color is your thing, I guess with the Sony 1Z or the future DX200 gold plated edition, you’ve got some serious opportunity to look like the real pimp! Haha. :D
Anyway, for those who wonder how does this pairing sounds, well... in one word I’d say MAJESTIC!
Just can’t believe portable gears could sound so great. To me that is the best truely portable pairing that I tried so far. It ticks all the boxes for me. The only little down side would be the isolation of the i4 in some situations, but most of the time I find it to a pro much more often than a con. That’s a pro while walking in the street, riding bicycle, at work,... that’s a con while in the subway, bus or plane, but most universal iems are only barely improving on that matter anyways, and I’m not necessarily searching for the ultimate listening experience in those circumstances...

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