Achelois Inter-Connector

We have been making interconnects for a long time now, probably as soon as we started to make these premium cables. Previously, customers came to us to custom order what they need, and we simply make them according to their special requests. The demand for these interconnects increased recently, especially the 3.5mm female to lightning ones for those who want to use their in-ear monitors straight out of their iPhone 7. Admittedly, there is a complementary adapter included with every iPhone 7, but the sound quality of it is far from satisfaction, and that is why we are making ours with marked improvement in terms of sonic performance as reported by our testers.

The material of this inter-connector is our Achelois, and here's a description of it: "Some may think the Achelois is nothing new, just a simple combination of Prima Donna and Billow. Well, that is partially the truth. However, we are not combining Vermilion with Signal, or Supernova MKII with Emerald, because arbitrary couples would not achieve great results. Prima Donna and Billow are quite similar in terms of their metallurgy, both alloy in nature, so the Achelois is getting the benefits from both products. For details about Prima Donna and Billow, please check out their respective product pages. Of course, I believe there is no need to mention how beautiful the appearance of gold and silver is when they are intertwined together.

Why name it Achelois? Finding an appropriate name was not an easy task, and it would be kind of dumb to call it "Prima Billow", "Billna" or "Prillow". The best we could do is to combine the meaning of their names rather than the alphabets. Since Prima Donna refers to the lead female role while Billow gives the imagery of gigantic waves, Achelois, as a general name for water-nymphs, seems quite appropriate by pairing the female aspect of Prima Donna and the water expression of Billow. In Greek mythology, Achelois is also known as a surname of the Sirens, the daughters of Achelous who was originally the god of all water. Moreover, some believe Achelois was a minor Greek moon goddess who washes people's pain away. By that layer of meaning, we wish to wash away the pain caused by the imperfections in your music experience."

This production is available in either 4-wire or 8-wire options. If you choose the 8-wire option for the lightning adapter, please make sure your iPhone case's opening is large enough for the connector to plug in nicely.

The length of our interconnects is around 10 cm.

If there's any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
Price: $299.00
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